Get Connected, Any Where Nayasat Incorporated

About Us

Nayasat is a Pakistan based company with marketing offices in USA and HongKong.
In order to better serve our Asians customers we have a operations office based out of Lahore, Punjab.

Our Team:

Salman Mazhar - CEO

U T Arlington, USA Graduate
14 years experience in electronics design, marketing and sales
Founder, Synergy Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.

Zafar Khan - COO

Zafar has a degree in Electrical Engineering and Physics from Caltech and 13 year of industry experience. He has worked in a super computer company Avalon Computer Systems(now part of Green Hills Software) as well as Gemstar-TVGuide and DispenseSource Inc. He has also consulted for Philips Consumer Electronics, Shanghai Broadcasting(China) and Canal-Plus Advanced Antenna Labs(Rennes, France). He holds 2 US patents and one international patent for consumer devices. He is also the founding partner of PrimeDTV("") a digital TV equipment designer.


Shameem Hashmi - Chief Technical Officer


Caltech,UCSD USA Graduate
12 years experience in satellite communications industry
Certified instructor for ViaSat network configuration training