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You need high speed access to the Internet?
You want attractive prices?
You wish to pay by credit card and get access to the Broadband Service online?
You are an existing Broadband Satellite Internet user and need more attractive prices and more Service plans?

Then, you just came to the right place.

But, you if you are not sure whether you need our services or not, find out 11 reasons why our services are the best solution for your needs.

You need high speed access to the Internet, but
It is difficult or impossible to get a leased line (xDSL, ISDN, fiber channel etc.) or radioethernet to your place, because
Your location is outside the coverage area of leased lines etc, or
You already have a leased line, but you pay too much for it, or
You want to increase your bandwidth with minimum additional expenses.
We have high quality, multiple connetions to the Internet transit providers, including UUNET, Teleglobe, Level 3 and Reach, thereby ensuring reliable access to end users. And you will have a direct one hop connection to those backbones via satellite. Click here to fully understand why this is benefitial for you.
Fast and very easy installation and usage, involves installation of a simple TVRO dish and PCI DVB card in your computer. Minimum of additional equipment. Click here to see what and how you need to install.
24 X 7 FREE high quality Multimedia streaming channels. Up to 30 different TV and radio channels. accepts almost all types of credit cards for your convenience.
Immediate online service activation. No waiting.
The most attractive pricing and a wide coverage area.

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