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Please, look through these short comments that will help you to choose the right service plan. And feel free to write to us at to ask for any further help.

One way

SkyburstChoose SkyBurst Service if you are in need of an unlimited download account and a burstable bandwidth up to 512 kbps at an affordable cost, SkyBurst Service can be used for corporate Internet backbone needs, as a backbone to an ISP, cyber cafes, SME, etc.


SkyBlast Choose SkyBlast Service when you do not require an unlimited download account, and enjoy the speed of browsing and downloading at 1 Mbps. SkyBlast Service is particularly good for cyber cafes with a LAN of not more than 15-20 computers, hotels, SME, SOHO, Home use etc.


Pre-Paid Choose Pre-Paid Service to burst up to a blistering 1.5 Mbps to be used mainly at home, cyber cafes, etc.


Two way

VSAT Two way or VSAT network advantages include ubiquity, quick deployment capability, voice and data communication functionality, and cost-control. VSAT technology rolls out an "instant infrastructure" by providing benefits such as: quick installation (hundreds of sites per month); low initial investment; utilization of existing satellite technology and frequencies; no topographical barriers; and a total solution that can fit on a pole, if necessary. VSATs can be used to send and receive Internet content at high speed all across Asia, establish Virtual Private Networking, send and receive Voice over IP, Video Conferencing, organize Multicast File Transfer, Business Television.
Another major point in favour of VSATs is the ease of managing the network. VSATs generate flexibility, particularly where new VSAT sites need to be added, or existing sites need to be moved or removed from the network. Installation is carried out independently of the local telephone operator, again reducing the possibility of error and delay.
Choose among the available service plans that fits your business needs best.

SCPCSCPC (single channel per carrier)

Should you require an SCPC bandwidth, please feel free to contact us at, quotations are provided per request.